9.0 General Review Exercise

Rewrite the following passage, improving the style by correcting the faulty punctuation, getting rid of unnecessary passive verbs, improving the pronoun reference, removing the dangling modifiers, and improving the parallel structure. Stick to the language of the original. You may, however, shorten the sentences, if you wish.

Considering all the evidence in the trial, it is clear that the verdict which was delivered 

by the jury very quickly is very odd, many people are very angry about the proceedings, 

which is increasing racial tensions in a city already very conscious of racial inequality in 

jobs and housing and how blacks are discriminated against by city officials, especially 

the police. It is all very alarming. After deciding the verdict, many TV programs 

interviewed jurors, a person who watched these shows might find themselves getting 

angry about the workings of the justice system and how so many of the jurors appeared 

stupid misinformed biased or generally inadequate, moreover it is being claimed that

anti-Semitism in the black community is on the rise since the trial. The March on

Washington the so called million man march which was organized by the Nation of 

Islam brought into the national spotlight Louis Farrakhan a person well known for his 

extreme remarks against Jews, this has upset the Jewish community considerably and

Robert Shapiro the leader of the Simpson defence team as soon as the decision was 

made by the jury indicated that he did not agree with the tactics of the defence and 

sought to put a distance between himself and Johnnie Cochrane who had made the 

summation for the defence. A person living in LA might seriously begin to worry 

about the future of their community and beyond that how the racial question in the 

entire country is being handled by politicians and the media.



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