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The Transformations in Ovid’s metamorphoses

[This list does not include the changes which occur when gods disguise themselves as human individuals or as animals or temporarily alter their shape. Nor does it include physical or temporal changes to the existing landscape where no human or divine character is transformed into something else. The information here confines itself to what is mentioned in Ovid’s poem. The references are to the lines in the English translation.]

The references in this list are to the English text of the translation by Ian Johnston, available here.

Aconteus—changed to stone by Medusa’s head (5.320).

Achelous’ daughters—changed into Sirens (5.872).

Acis—changed into a stream (13.1388).

Actaeon—changed into a stag by Diana (3.288).

Adonis—changed into a flower (the anemone) by Venus (10.1109).

Aeneas—changed into a god (14.909).

Aeneas’ ships—changed into sea nymphs by Cybele (14.835).

Aesacus—changed into a bird (the diver) by Tethys (11.1198).

Aeson—rejuvenated by Medea (7.452).

Aglauros—changed to dark stone by Mercury (2.1218).

Ajax’s blood—changed to a flower (the hyacinth) (13.646).

Alcidamas’ daughter—gives birth to a dove (7.583).

Alcinous ship—changed to stone (14.856).

Alcyone—changed into a bird (11.1119).

Ampyx—changed to stone by Medusa’s head (5.292).

Anaxarete—changed to stone (14.1154).

Animals—change to other animals (15.539).

Antigone—changed into a stork by Juno (6.151).

Anius’ daughters—changed to birds (doves) by Bacchus (13.1066).

Ants—changed into human beings (Myrmidons) by Jupiter (7.994).

Arachne—changed into a spider by Minerva (6.241).

Arcas—changed into a constellation by Jupiter (2.741).

Ardea’s ashes—changed into a heron (14.873).

Arethusa—changed into a river by Diana (5.985).

Argus—eyes are changed into designs on a peacock’s tail by Juno (1.1063).

Ariadne’s crown—changed into a constellation by Bacchus (8.287).

Arne—changed into a jackdaw (7.734).

Ascalaphus—changed into a screech owl by Proserpine (5.849).

Astyages—changed to stone by Medusa’s head (5.324).

Atalanta—changed into a lioness by Cybele (10.1060).

Atlas—changed to rock by Medusa’s head (4.970).

Attis—changed to a pine tree (10.158).

Battus—changed into flint by Mercury (2.1051)

Baucis—changed into a tree by Jupiter (8.1119).

Boy—changed into a spotted lizard by Ceres (5.707).

Byblis—changed into a fountain spring (9.1049).

Cadmus—changed into a snake (4.857).

Caeneus—changed into a bird (12.809).

Caenis—changed into a man by Neptune (12.318).

Calaurea’s king and queen—changed into birds (7.609).

Callirhoë’s sons—made older by Jupiter (9.658).

Callisto: changed into a bear by Juno (2.700) and into a constellation by Jupiter (2.741).

Canens—changed into air (14.657).

Castor—changed into a star (8.587).

Celmis—changed into a rock (4.411).

Cephisus’ grandson—changed into a seal by Apollo (7.615).

Cerambus—changed into a flying creature by nymphs (7.561).

Cerastes—changed into cattle by Venus (10.355).

Cercopes—changed into monkeys by Jupiter (14.139).

Ceyx—changed into a bird (11.1131).

Cinyras’ daughters—changed into stone steps (6.158).

Cipus—grows horns (15.850).

Clytië—changed into a heliotrope plant (4.388).

Combe—grows wings and flies (7.607).

Coral—changes to stone in the air (15.617).

Coroneus’ daughter—changed into a Crow (by Diana?) (2.859).

Cragaleus—turned to stone (13.1137).[1]

Crocus—changed into a flower (4.415).

Cyane—changed into a spring (5.668).

Cycnus (1)—turned into a swan (2.540); Cycnus (2)—turned into a swan (7.600); Cycnus (3)—turned into a swan by Neptune (12.228).

Cyparissus—changed into a cypress tree (10.202).

Daedalion—changed into a hawk by Apollo (11.539).

Daphne—changed into a laurel tree by Peneus (1.806).

Daphnis—changed into a stone by a nymph (4.404).

Diomedes’ men (Acmon, Lycus, Idas, Abas, Nycteus, Rhetenor)—changed into swan-like birds by Venus (14.762).

Dryope—changed into a tree (9.561).

Earth—turned into human beings by Prometheus (1.113), produces other animals, including monsters (1.606); rejuvenated by Medea (7.447); changes into prophet Tages (15.837).

Echo—voice changed by Juno (3.552), loses her body (3.609).

Egeria—changed into a stream by Diana (15.826).

Eryx—changed to stone by Medusa’s head (5.315).

Galanthis—changed into a weasel by Lucina (9.506).

Giants—dead forms turned into new life by Earth (1.216).

Glaucus—changed into a god of the sea (7.375; 13.1471).

Haemus—changed into a mountain (6.1430).

Harmonia—changed to a snake (4.857).

Hecuba—changed to a dog (13.662; 13.914).

Heliades (Daughters of the Sun)—changed into trees (2.498).

Hercules—changed to a god (9.422) and to a constellation (9.436) by Jupiter.

Hermaphroditus—merges with Salmacis to form one person (4.550).

Hersilia—changed into a goddess (14.1301).

Hippolytus—brought back to life, appearance changed (15.803).

Hippomenes—changed into a lion by Cybele (10.1060).

Hyacinthus—changed into a flower by Apollo (10.317).

Hyenas—change sex (15.609).

Hyrië—changed into a lake (7.603).

Ino—changed into a sea god by Neptune (4.799).

Ino’s companions—changed into rocks and birds by Juno (4.819).

Io—changed into a cow by Jupiter (1.899), then back to a nymph (1.1085).

Iolaüs—rejuvenated by Hebe (9.629).

Iphis—changed from a girl into a man by Io (9.1252).

Julius Caesar—changed into a star and a god (15.1279).

Lampetie—changed into a tree (2.498).

Lethaea—changed to rock (10.108).

Leucothoë—changed into a frankincense plant by the Sun (4.371).

Lichas—changed into a stony reef (9.354).

Lotis—changed into a lotus plant (9.554).

Lycaon—turned into a wolf by Jupiter (1.332).

Lycian peasants—changed into frogs by Latona (6.603).

Lyncus—changed into a lynx by Ceres (5.1031).

Lynx urine—changes to stone, as does coral (15.617).

Man (who saw Cerberus dragged away)—changed to stone (10.104).

Macareus and his companions—changed into pigs by Circe (14.429), then back again into human beings (14.463).

Maenads—changed to oak trees by Bacchus (11.102).

Maestra—changed into a man and then back again a number of times by Neptune (8.1323).

Medusa—her blood drops change to snakes (4.919); her hair changed to snakes by Minerva (4.1190).

Meleager’s sisters—changed into birds by Diana (8.847).

Melicertes—changed into a sea god by Neptune (4.799).

Memnon’s funeral smoke—changes to birds (the Memnonides) (13.969).

Midas—given asses’ ears by Apollo (11.266).

Minds and bodies—changed by spring water (15.476)

Minyas’ daughters—changed into bats by Bacchus (4.598).

Molossian king’s sons—changed into birds (13.1143).

Mulberry tree—fruit changes colour from Pyramus’ blood (4.186)

Mushrooms—change into human beings (7.622).

Myrrha—changed into a tree (10.754).

Naiad—changes young men into fish and is changed into a fish herself (4.74).

Narcissus—changes into a flower (3.739).

Nileus—changed to stone by Medusa’s head (5.307).

Niobe—changed into rock (6.439).

Nisus—changed into a sea eagle (8.231).

Nyctimene—changed into an owl by Minerva (2.873).

Nysean nymphs—rejuvenated by Medea (7.466).

Ocyrhoë—changed into a horse (2.989).

Olenos—changed to rock (10.108).

Olive branch—rejuvenated by Medea (7.441).

Organs—changed to stone by water (15.469).

Orion’s daughters’ ashes—change into two young men (the Coroni) (13.1110).

Pebbles—changed from black to white by Hercules (15.71).

Pegasus—born (with his brother) from Medusa’s blood (4.1168).

People—changed to stone by Medusa’s head (4.1159); two hundred turned to stone by Medusa’s head (5.332); grow feathers (15.532).

Perdix—changed into a partridge by Minerva (8.403).

Periclymenes—changes himself into an eagle (12.860).

Perimele—changed into an island by Neptune (8.950).

Periphas—changed into a bird (7.633).

Phaëthusa—turned into a tree (2.498).

Phene—changed into a bird (7.633).

Philemon—changed into a tree by Jupiter (8.1119).

Philomela—changed into a bird (6.1088).

Phineus—changed to stone by Medusa’s head (5.638).

Phoenix—changes into its own young (15.583).

Picus—changed to a woodpecker by Circe (14.595).

Picus’ companions—changed into various wild beasts by Circe (14.634).

Pierus’ daughters—changed into magpies by Urania (5.1044).

Pigmy queen—changed into a crane by Juno (6.147).

Pollux—changed into a star (8.587).

Polydectes—changed to stone by Medusa’s head (5.395).

Polypemon’s granddaughter—changed into a bird (7.635).

Procne—changed into a bird (6.1088).

Proetus—changed to stone by Medusa’s head (5.381).

Propoetus’ daughters—changed into flint by Venus (10.365).

Pygmalion’s statue—changed into a living girl by Venus (10.427).

Rain—changes into the Curetes (4.414).

Ram—rejuvenated by Medea (7.501).

Raven:--changed from white to black by Apollo (2.934).

Rhodope—changed into a mountain (6.1430).

Rocks—thrown by Deucalion and Pyrrha become human beings (1.585).

Romulus—changed into a god (14.1254); his spear is changed into a willow tree (15.842).

Salmacis—merges into one person with Hermaphroditus (4.550).

Scylla (1)—changed into a bird (the Ciris) (8.239). Scylla (2)—changed into a sea monster by Circe (14.83), then into reef (14.108).

Scyron’s bones—changed into rocks (7.703).

Seaweed—changed into rock by Medusa’s head (4.1107).

Semiramis—grows wings to live with doves (4.72).

Serpent’s teeth—grow up into armed warriors (3.159) and again (7.204).

Shepherd—changed into a wild olive tree (14.797).

Sithon—becomes male and female (4.409).

Smilax—changed into a flower (4.415).

Snake (1)—changed to stone by Apollo (11.88). Snake (2) changed to stone (12.33).

Syrinx—changed into marsh reeds by nymphs (1.1035).

Tears (shed for Marsyas)—changed into a stream (6.648).

Teiresias—changed to a woman and then back to a man (3.496). His sight is taken away by Juno, but Jupiter gives him the power to see (3.513).

Tereus—changed into a hoopoe bird (6.1094).

Thesculus—changed to stone by Medusa’s head (5.289).

Wild beasts—changed to stone by Medusa’s head (4.1159).

Wolf—changed into marble by Thetis of Psamathe (11.636).

Woman—changed by Persephone to mint (10.1105).

Women of Cos—grow horns (7.574).



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[1]Ovid’s text does not provide this character’s name.